Funk and Soul music has always been a large part of my music collection.  My first exposure to Funk, Jazz, and Soul came through my High School band director Dr. Van Decker.  While most other school bands in the area did the marching band thing we played music by Herbie Hancock, James Brown, and Thelonious Monk.  Inspired by the music we learned about in class, I would often head to my local record store (Lou’s Record Shop in Encinitas, CA) after school and pick up albums so I could hear the original version of the song we were learning in class.  At first listen most of the grooves on these original recordings sounded simple but when you paid attention you could hear all the little nuances that really made the tune move. While I’ve always preferred Funk to Jazz it was playing in my High School Jazz band that introduced me to Funk music. So, thank you Jazz. If it wasn’t for you I would’ve never discovered how funky this world could be.

Here are some of my favorites… Play ’em loud and enjoy!



This record from the good folks at SOUL JAZZ RECORDS is a great mix of funk, soul, and gospel from a group of artists that can only be described as New Orleans royalty.  Besides tracks from popular artists like Dr. John, Lee Dorsey, and Irma Thomas this album contains some great b-sides from lesser know musicians like Eddie Bo, Eldridge Holmes, and Betty Harris. While these artists created some of the most soulful funk to ever come out of New Orleans they unfortunately never achieved stardom (at least on a level that they deserved) nationally.  The stand out track for me on this record is “Pass The Hatchet” by Roger & The Gypsies.  This tune was produced by famed New Orleans musician Eddie Bo, (who also sings lead on the track) and became the first hit for the indie Seven-B label. Listen up drummers, this song is a perfect example of how a simple drum beat and a little melody can go a long way.  If I have one complaint about this release it’s that it is currently out of print and doesn’t seem to be on iTunes or Spotify as of this posting (although some of the tracks are available on other releases).  I came across my copy a few years ago digging through the $1.99 used bin at a local record store.  Let this be a lesson to ALWAYS check the bargain bin when shopping for records.





Released in 2001 by Stones Throw Records, The Funky 16 Corners  features a hefty helping of unreleased funky music recorded during the 60’s and 70’s.   All the tracks on this record are solid and the stories behind the music are just as moving as the music.  If you purchase this release on-line I highly suggest you check out to read the interviews with the artists that were collected during the formation of this disc.  For example, one of the groups featured on this disc is The Kashmere Stage band.  This was the school band for Kashmere High School in Houston Texas.  In the late 1960’s music director Conrad Johnson took the school’s struggling music program to a new level.  After introducing new arrangements and letting the kids inject some of their own style in the group The Kashmere Stage band started winning numerous awards and competitions.  They traveled all over the country breaking down barriers in many of the places they played (Kashmere H.S. was predominantly black and most of the school band competitions they entered were made up of all white groups). For more information on the story behind the Kashmere Stage Band check out the documentary film THUNDER SOUL.



Searching For Soul: Rare and Classic Soul, Funk, and Jazz from Michigan

Label: Luv N’ Haight/Ubiquity

The album Searching For Soul: Rare Classic Soul, Funk, and Jazz from Michigan shows us that there is so much more to the Mid-West Soul scene then Motown.   Soul/Funk/Hip-Hop drummers, this record should be in your collection right next to your James Brown records. From the lead track “Give & Take” to Wendell Harrison’s swinging’ “Take Time Out” this record will have you up and moving like you never knew you could. Additionally, it should also be mentioned that the track “Alcohol Pt.1” by Robert Jay is the perfect “morning after” song.

(UPDATE 2021) This record is out of print but you can still enjoy this music on-line on Spotify.